It’s been a few years and the dust and buzz about new media discussion has started to settle. You’ve created your social accounts, you’re actively publishing and some of you are even diving into analytics and key insights to build better social content strategies overall. But are you listening? If you’re not, you might be missing the boat. Opportunities for growth and innovation are being hindered if your brand isn’t actively leveraging social listening.


For most brands, social teams are small and resources are tight. There is no time to be glued to your desktop waiting on the next real time trend to leverage or monitoring your customer’s every move. With a listening tool, your dashboard does the work for you – meaning you spend less time actually listening and more time leveraging actionable insights. Social listening tools can aggregate brand mentions and user generated content, measure brand sentiment and handle the speed of real time conversation, delivering alerts that allow you to step away from your desk without FOMO. In short, you’ll work smarter not harder.

What’s working, what’s not? The two questions you should be asking frequently about your content.  Also, how are you determining the value and return from your content efforts? What’s performing the best on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms? Which content is gaining more positive feedback and how responsive was your online community to your most recent campaign? What was the feedback on that recent product launch and in general how is the perception of your brand these days? What and when are your competitors publishing and how is their online community responding? For those brands just delving into social, who is your audience and who are the influencers within it? A lot of questions, right? Social listening gives you the smart advantage and business intelligence that offers clarity for each of these questions, ultimately strengthening your content and allowing you to build a more customer centric social strategy. Your brand awareness and customer sentiment relies heavily upon having rapid access to data. Social data is a catalyst for agility, keeping you ahead of the game.

Social media is no longer just about social media. It’s about the customer experience and everything you’re doing to ensure your customer is getting what they want, when they want it and where they want it before your competitors find them. Is your brand keeping up or falling behind?

At Wilson we’ve worked in depth with many social listening platforms and can help you determine the best fit for your brand.

We can help you identify the features and functionalities that your tool should have like:

We can help you determine the tasks most valuable to your team:

Whether a small social team or enterprise level brand newsroom, we can work with you on finding the most valuable dashboards, training and leveraging social data for future growth. Remember, one size doesn’t fit all.

To learn more about how we position brands for success on social platforms and help leading brands maintain a competitive edge, contact us today.

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