Future Festival Ice HouseExcited to recharge after the explosive hype and hubbub of last month’s Teradata’s PARTNERS conference, a team from Wilson flew to Toronto and into the future. Invited by CEO of Trend Hunter Jeremy Gutsche, the Wilson team showcased a custom-developed augmented reality experience in front of innovation and marketing leaders from across the globe. At Trend Hunter’s second annual Future Festival, we got to rub shoulders and talk shop with world-class brands like Adidas, Red Bull, and Netflix while showing off our latest project. We also might have had a little bit of fun.

Too Cool to Be Cold

What to do with 500 conference goers in bustling, world-class Toronto? Send them on field trips, of course! Experiential Trend Safaris kicked off the conference and defined the wildest trends in the world through hands-on networking excursions. Attendees got to pre-select their preferred Trend Safari on the Future Festival app from choices in “Action-Based Bonding,” “Experiential Dining,” and “Nostalgic Grooming” among many others. Small teams from multiple brands headed out to discover Toronto’s best-in-class experiences and interact with thought leaders on the forefront of global trends. Wilson was lucky enough to chill at Chill Ice House, where we were served frosty concoctions in ice-made mugs and encouraged to smash our empties. We were all too happy to oblige.

Future Festival | Augmented RealityGlobal AR Trendsetters

When we weren’t exploring Toronto or imbibing literally ice-cold beverages, we were invited to show off our latest tech project. One of our recent promotions was an augmented reality (AR) experience that pulls the viewer into a 3D cityscape via their own smartphone. AR offers unlimited possibilities to deliver content to a targeted audience in a fun and unfamiliar vehicle. In our cityscape, billboards rise above skyscrapers to play featured videos that the user can zoom in and select to lead them to specialized content. Future Festival is innovation and technology-centered, so it was an amazing privilege to be able to contribute our own take on the AR trend and its awesome opportunities. We got the chance to present our own crowd-pleasing project and inspire some of the world’s top brands to utilize AR for themselves. The next time you see your favorite brand rocking the augmented reality trend, just remember, Wilson was doing AR before it went mainstream.