Wednesday Creative Shots, Episode 5

This edition runs the gamut of things, but change is without a doubt the underlying theme. From mental states, to motivation, to how we shop, to physically how we are able to change, it’s the one constant.

Adidas Gameplan A

Adidas Gameplan A - skill drill screen shot

To some people, sports is life. To others, business is life. Why not acknowledge the parallels and combine the two? I love the ideas here, the training schedules, and comparisions with motivation, health and discipline. I would like to see a more aggressive content schedule however.

Libraries Are Getting Loud

Libraries takes to marketing and data on a budget.

“Libraries realized they had to transition the way they were functioning in their communities because the world was changing around them,” says Ben Bizzle, CEO of Library Market, a solutions firm for libraries. “It’s impressive to see an industry this large, that has been what it’s been for so long, embrace that and make that transition.” Really good article, data and source material.

Meaningful Brands

From Havas Youtube: 

“Meaningful Brands outperform the stock market by 206%. People would not care if 74% of brands disappeared. These are just some of the key findings form Meaningful Brands 2017.

Meaningful Brands is Havas Group’s metric for brand strength, taking into account the views of 375,000 people from over 33 countries. We look at how 1,500 brands affect our quality of life and wellbeing. This year we also found out that content is a key driver for meaningfulness. Furthermore, 60% of the content produced by brands is just clutter.”

Amazon Says “Go.” Seriously, Go … Just Walk Away.


In a world where it seems like everyone is hiding behind their smartphone or some other screen, Amazon has created a safe place for those denizens to venture into the physical world to retrieve sustenance and still minimize human interactions. Not that the teenage cashier at the store next door would make eye contact during your grocery transaction, but why risk it? But seriously, this provides opportunities for companies that want to, to provide value added experiences on the floor where it’s more valuable, relevant and actionable.

Meet the Wild Ones in Downtown Austin

When looking to create their first retail store, they wanted to create an experience that was less about transactions and more about experiencing the brand. One reason was to avoid conflicts with the distributors that sell their coolers. You can buy them anywhere. The other was for the community.

“We wanted to create a space within our hometown that could bring the brand to life, bring the company to life, and be a place where people in Austin could get together, hang out, have a cold beer, and experience a little more of the Yeti story,” Maynard says. “I like to think of it as like a children’s museum for Yeti, where there’s a lot of fun things that you can read, play with, and interact with.”

For those reasons, they tapped their agency instead of another firm, and created what is more children’s museum than retail store.

From: (NOTE: I subscribe to their newsletter. I would have liked to see it there first, instead of another source.)

Fresh? Yes! Fuss? No!

From Creativity Online:’s-uk-mccafe-hipsters/51021

Let’s Have a Print-off!

“Computer Show” is actually an existing parody show, but this is the first time it’s been sponsored by a brand. The series has become a cult fave in tech circles, and earlier episodes featured Alexis Ohanian of Reddit and the founders of Lumi (Stephan Ango and Jesse Genet).

From Adweek:

Learning to Walk Again

They learn to walk again with visual cues and external brain stimulation—and actually feel below their injuries.

From Quartz:

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