Wednesday Creative Shots, Episode 2

This week brought out some very different pieces, but likely something for everyone; designers, writers, project managers and developers.

 Coughing is a Drag

Smoke detectors save lives, now they might save even more. Sure, an annoying buzzer would alert the smoker that they’re being rude and disrespectful of people nearby, but this outdoor execution takes the alarm to a different level.


The History Lesson of a Renegade Font

Be different. Make an impact. Those are goals of every true creative person. Now you know the beginning. After this video, you’ll know the rest of the story about the font everyone apparently loves to hate.

From Jason

Super Fold from the Fold Factory

Talkin’ about a nerdin’ out on paper folding, weights, ink, … and player trading cards.


Have a Beer, It’s Been a Long Trip

Yep, Budweiser jumped right off the boat in St. Louis and into a national immigration brouhaha with this spot.


From Adweek:

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