Nearly a quarter of the population of the United States is now composed of millenials. They are a powerful consumer group that every brand needs to reach if it wants to stay competitive. So why are so many brands struggling to connect with this demographic?

They are struggling because millienials are coming of age during an era of uncertainty. Crushed by student loan and medical debt, they have less spare cash and have acquired a hefty dose of skepticism when it comes to big brands. That means your brand must work harder to woo them and their business.

For a marketing strategy to appeal to millenials it needs to be engaging in a way that is authentic, personal, and adds value to their everyday lives. Here are three ways your brand can build trust to reach these savvy consumers:

1) Authenticity. Millenials crave authenticity from the people and brands they interact with. In the era of fake news and disillusionment with big business, millenials trust brands that sound authentic. Cultivating this trust is all about reaching out to this audience using the language they use – and delivering messages on the channels they frequent. In this way, millenials are no different than any other demographic. You must understand them, what’s important to them, and where they consume their media in order to connect. Taco Bell has even incorporated a “Millenial Word of the Week” into its weekly internal corporate communications plan to keep everyone in the loop on lingo.

2) Personalization. We live in a time where we have incredible access to consumer data – so why aren’t more big brands using it to personalize their messages? Millenials aren’t fans of generic outbound marketing efforts. They have become accustomed to personally tailored experiences on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram that serve them content that’s relevant. Big brands that succeed are those willing to embrace data-driven marketing efforts that allow them to customize and serve messages to consumers in a highly personal, targeted way.

3) Value. Are you providing millenials with valuable content, or just pushing out generic digital ads with your logo and tagline? Content marketing isn’t a new idea. Brands have always recognized the benefit of providing value to consumers, whether it’s the Michelin restaurant guide or John Deere’s education magazine, The Furrow. In 1904, Jell-O even gave away free copies of its recipe book as a winning marketing tactic. Millenials want to know what your brand can do for them – not what they can do for your brand. Offer valuable content that keeps them coming back for more.

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