In this episode of the Wilson Bridge, we discuss takeaways from the Forrester Tech Tide™, ongoing trends in marketing technology, and emerging marketing roles in the organization.


Leading analysts at Forrester have put together the Forrester Tech Tide: Martech for B2C Marketers, Q2 2018. Breaking down the marketing tech currently available, it provides a great review of the technology available and its current status. That’s a great step because as martech budgets rise, so do expectations of ROI. Having an idea of the relative adoption and business value is great, but it is largely a tactical document. Missing is how does all of this technology apply to the brand, enhance customer engagement optimization, and align with the brand purpose?

With the plethora of new technology in marketing, new roles are required, but “does it warrant a new C-level position?” asks Brian Drew. The consensus at Wilson is that marketers can’t lose focus of the brand for the sake of technology. “It’s not technology first. It’s brand first, but technology forward,” says Devin Meister.

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Forrester Report

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