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Driving Excitement with Custom Experiences


Every year, we build custom experiences for attendees at the Teradata PARTNERS Conference. The objective of these experiences is to get attendees’ attention and introduce them to new technology in a fun, accessible way. A competitive group by nature, we wanted to develop an attraction that would test their decision-making speed and reaction times in a friendly competition.


Break-Through: A Virtual Reality Racing Game, was custom-built for a tech-savvy data conference audience as a highlight of the Buzz Lounge. The Buzz Lounge was a 6,000 square foot area that showcased the latest in technology through hands-on interactive experiences, stunning visual displays, and other emerging technology advancements.


We used the Oculus Rift headset to give attendees a totally new perspective on gaming and driving. Because the Oculus Rift headset was still in beta at the time, very few attendees had actually seen one firsthand prior to the conference.



We combined this gaming experience with a custom-built platform station including racing seat, pedals, and responsive steering wheel so the user had the physical experience of driving in a way that felt natural and comfortable.


The virtual reality version of the game ran at maximum capacity the entire time the area was open. More than 708 individual games of Break-Through (2 minute game time plus additional time for instructions and adjusting equipment, etc.) were played in less than three days during the Buzz Lounge open hours. There was a continuous flow of visitors even during what is ordinarily downtime while conference sessions are happening. In fact, each day we had to turn away players because the venue needed to lock up! The client was pleased, conference goers were wowed… and we called it a win!

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