It’s amazing what goes into a logo. There is so much meaning, and often times it’s slightly hidden. A good logo should not only be memorable, but it should tell a story.

Looking back at some of the most famous logos today – many have hidden stories within them.

For example, did you know the yellow arrow on the amazon logo represents more than a smiley face to associate the brand with happiness? Look closely – it’s pointing from a to z. Amazon did this because they sell “everything from A to Z.”

Have you ever noticed the hidden arrow between the E and X in the FedEx logo? It signifies the company is always moving forward.

How about the hidden bear in the Toblerone logo? Toblerone Chocolates are made in Bern, Switzerland and the bear is the symbol for Berne.

You may be asking, does the Wilson logo tell a story? Well, we are glad you asked. Of course it does.

We use the Wilson Logo in multiple ways, but the icon is what really tells the story.

You’ll notice that there is a shadow below the logo. It’s not sitting on the ground, but it’s lifted. At Wilson, we strive to provide our clients with marketing and branding strategies that give their company lift. They should outperform their competitors, and be seen as industry leaders.

The Wilson icon also comes to a slight point that faces Northeast. Not only do we strive to lift our client’s brand identity, but we also want to help their company grow. When looking at a graph showing growth over time – you should be able to draw an arrow pointing Northeast. That is the results we want our clients to have.

We chose two colors in the logo to represent our commitment to provide a complimentary blend of strategic thinking and creativity. Great creative brings a strategic plan to life – and we strive to deliver on both.

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