Duck! There’s a Holiday Greeting Headed Your Way!

Things are flying around Wilson Rebranding – literally – as we reflect on 2015 and look forward to 2016.

Check out this mini aerial video tour of the agency digs and hellos from the team. We’re anticipating and planning hosts of changes to make the New Year even brighter, many of which are already underway.  (See if you can you find the area in the photo below in the video – it’s changed.) Or stop by and say hello to see the metamorphosis firsthand.

The space at Wilson Rebranding is changing as we mature and update our design.


We’ll quit droning on now, here’s hoping that the Holiday Season brings you peace and joyand all the best in 2016. Just click the image to watch the video – your Friends at Wilson.

A drones and a Holiday Wreath make for an interesting perspective.

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