MAPs Made Big Promises—Are They Delivering?

Marketers have always driven revenue. Through MAPs, they’ve been promised that they will finally be able to show attribution and ROI, and they’ve said the same to the powers that be in the c-suite. The problem now is delivering—and it might not be as easy as once thought.


Brian Hansford of Heinz Marketing and Joe Chernov of InsightSquared recently presented a joint survey and report that the two companies did together. From a survey of more than 400 marketing and sales professionals using top platforms, they found a distinct divide between two marketing groups. And the result is that one group is growing very unsatisfied and disillusioned with their solution because it is not meeting their needs.

Download the Marketing Automation Platform Satisfaction Survey from Heinz Marketing and InsightSquared and share your thoughts at @WilsonAdvAgency #WilsonBridge.

MAP Satisfaction Survey 2018

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