2016 is a Leap Year, a year where by the calendar we get an extra day. For most, the day will come and go without a second thought. In our fast-past world, it’s often hard to find time to do things we love to stop for a minute and focus on things we enjoy. We have a lot of fun at Wilson, but we also work hard. We asked our team to share what they would do though if they had an extra day to spend doing anything.


Brian | President

I would try to make the whole day about doing things for others.

Family I don’t see that often, pick up the phone and talk to friends I haven’t talked to in a long time, and strangers who could use a smile.

I would spend my day seeing how much joy I could bring to others instead of focusing on myself or work or my immediate circle. An example, just walking into a hospital and saying “Hi, I hope you have a wonderful day” to all the people in the waiting area… it could brighten their day and it’s free.

Why, because I think a lot of people have great intentions, but then time and habits set in… most of the 365 days are about (me). A free day is certainly one day a year I should not make about what I want.

So, no work, no normal, stretch myself.


Devin | Content Director

I love the “Jimmy Fallon Thank You Notes” bit, so I’d use that day to start the habit of writing sincere but overdue thank you notes to people that have made a difference in my life.

Then take the dog for a longer than usual run. I’d learn how to play one of the songs on guitar that I know half of all the way through finally.

Have dinner with family, drinks with friends, then drag Jason, our Digital Production Designer,  out of the edit suite to make sure he doesn’t waste his day and road-trip to Manitowoc County to find a murderer.


Ben | Creative Director

Build a go-to-market entrepreneur brand strategy, develop a patent, and try and get on that Shark Tank TV show to sell my million dollar idea. The design concept consists of developing one regular shoe and one “swollen” shoe, for when you get bit by a rattlesnake.


Jason | Digital Production Designer


Tom | VP, Client Services

If I had an “extra day” to do anything I wanted I would spend it with family and friends at a cabin on Norris Lake in Tennessee. Morning coffee on the deck. That would be followed by by a mid-morning swim and away too early in the day first beer. Next would be boating around the lake and stopping at one of the marinas for lunch. Then we’d go to a hidden cove for more swimming and kayaking. Eventually making it back to the cabin for a grill-out followed by guitar playing and bourbon on the deck.


Chris | Project Manager


Katie | Account Lead

Go to bed a little late. Sleep in a little more. Drink vanilla lattes with my love in a hole-in-a-wall brick coffee house. Explore a new town. Meet some smiley new people. Enjoy the sunshine and go for a walk with the pups. Take some artsy pictures, even if they aren’t. Laugh too hard and eat too much.

Ah yes. That would be my perfect extra day : )


Brett | Associate Creative Director

If I truly had a real extra day that I wasn’t at work I would plan a special day with my family doing something we don’t normally do like visit a museum or go to Newport or Columbus or go see a movie.

Donna | Account Lead

I would to challenge myself to send long-overdue – preferably hand-written – notes to 29 friends and family members.
I’m not good at staying in touch, but with an extra day…maybe I can catch up!

Shana | Digital Strategy Lead

I’d love an extra day, week, even a month! I’m greedy like that. But if I had to settle for just one day I’d probably start with meditation and prayer, journaling then play around with my camera and hopefully weather permitting (It is Ohio) something fun and outdoors with my Husband. I’d probably also workout and squeeze in a Star Wars movie marathon.


Kim | Finance

Since the 29th falls on Monday, which is a work day, I would use that day to clean up year end financials, file, and prepare for 2016.

If the 29th was a free non-work day, I would visit my family, probably my parents. Going “Home” gives me a warm fuzzy child-like feeling. The winter months are hard because I don’t see them much. They are in their 80’s and I am very grateful that both of my parents are still with us.

That’s what I would do with an extra day!

Cindy | VP Finance

Praise God! Workout! Praise God! Workout!

Jess | Designer

If I had an extra day I would spend it doing what I love most, hiking and practicing yoga…or I might go skydiving!


J.P. | Technology Director

Watch streamers and/or Esports on twitch.tv and play video games.

Pretty much treat it like any other day 🙂

Mike | Production Designer

Extra days are made for adventures. My leap day would consist of a road trip to German Village in Columbus and lunch at Katzinger’s Deli. A #30, which is hot slow cooked brisket, Swiss cheese, creamy cole slaw, Russian dressing, grilled on rye; then about a half dozen apricot rugalech for dessert. Then have someone else drive back home where I can go for a nice bike ride to work off the 3,000 or so calories from lunch.

In closing…

Family is in the lead,  with some beer, thank yous, a lopsided shoe and someone leaping out of a perfectly good aircraft. Quite a crew wouldnt you say? Whether working or playing, we’ve got an incredible team at Wilson! Learn more about what we do here.

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