Wednesday Creative Shots Episode 55

Every Wednesday at the agency we take a couple of minutes in the afternoon to share and talk about the creative work that we’ve seen in the industry lately. These Wednesday Creative Shots help to inspire us through the end of the day, and the work week. Some of it is great, some of it we might think we could have done better, but all of it makes us think and ideally sparks some discussion. As a celebration of the 55th edition, we decided to share what everyone else is missing.

Members are the Mission

Navy Federal Credit Union members have both unique and everyday aspects to their lives. One hand, they’re training and ready to protect the country. On the other, they have family needs just like anybody else, a story told exceptionally well in this spot.

Maximized Ideas

We love the mix of old and new in this spot, carried all the way through. “The stylish film appears to use archive footage but was actually shot completely by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Greig Fraser on 35mm in Monaco to recreate the historic events.” source:

From the site: “In 1961, racing legend John Cooper unleashed the potential of the Classic Mini on the racing world. Though it wasn’t the biggest, fastest, or most powerful, this feisty underdog took the motorsports scene by storm, dominating opponents with its nimble handling, near perfect balance and innovative engine and wheel layout.”

Wrong Meal

If you are what you eat, then are you also what you eat, eats? Just sayin’. While people are becoming generally more aware of where their food comes from and how it lived, some of the details might get lost during the trip. Like the actual diet of certain livestock.

Pink Tax

Burger King® has decided to pick up the sword and call attention to a variety of cultural topics. From bullying to net neutrality they’ve been able to frame the stories through in-store stunts that make the issue crystal clear. The latest to the get the treatment was the “pink” tax. It makes the issue abundantly clear.

Premade Instructional Videos

Creative problem-solving. That’s what we like, and while these spots work. The common format with unique payoff gets and keeps your attention in this memorable execution.

Brewery Branding and Labels Untappd

A lot of us like beer at the agency, but all of us appreciate good design. The popular beer app, Untappd also has a podcast. A recent edition brought several designers together to talk about their favorite designs, designers, and take us behind the scenes. A natural for Creative Shots.

COMING SOON: MT 5! No cake or candles here, but nothing says happy birthday like the "tsss" of a celebratory beer of this caliber being cracked. Amply loaded with Nelson, Motueka, and Citra hops, this hazy anniversary DIPA is a supersonic bullet train to tropical bliss. It'll be available in the upcoming online sale; we'd heartily encourage you to sign up for our email newsletter at for further details.

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Hope your 4th was 💥💥💥. Not sure what was more dangerous: fireworks in my hair or this caramely 14% Wheat Wine that went down way too easily despite it being a scorcher of a day. Regardless, I had an absolute blast!! ◀️◀️◀️Swipe to see the behind the scene (just don’t send it to my mom 😂) Kodiak Mountain | @aslinbeerco

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Go to the Untapped page to get all of the links. Like a new brewery, it’s worth a visit.


From Marketing Dive:
“The idea for the MacCoin was inspired by The Economist’s Big Mac Index, which the publication created in 1986 to compare international currencies in a lighthearted way, using the Big Mac as a symbol for purchasing power. The timing of the MacCoin also coincides with the 100th birthday of the creator of the Big Mac, Jim Delligatti.”

Bucket Challenge

If you’ve followed Our Ideas in the Wilson blog, or our social channels, you know that we get a kick out of everything KFC is doing. One way or another, they always seem to be pushing the boundaries. We’re curious to see where this goes …

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