Of Course We’re Going to Write About Super Bowl Ads, it’s the Super Bowl!

We wouldn’t be an agency if we didn’t get in the conversation, right? Ad Age recently published the Top 50 Super Bowl Ads of all time and we enjoyed the trip down memory lane. This year we’re excited to see many mature brands getting into the action.

Every brand has its plateau. As a brand ages, their differentiation can decline until there is no longer a clear advantage or perceived value in the consumer’s mind. Relevancy becomes harder to attain without new tactics and communications. Many brands over the years have looked to the Super Bowl to rejuvenate brand love and get new eyes on their products and services. This year we’re seeing it more than ever with several of the ads in this Sunday’s roster being from mature but not yet forgotten brands.


Don’t get us wrong, we look forward to the brands that never disappoint, but we’re excited to see the impact of the ads from the brands below.


Colgate, a rookie to the Super Bowl Ad space will launch its first ever during this year’s big game. No doubt a household name, Colgate hasn’t necessarily been part of real-time conversation over the years. That will change. With their ad, Colgate is looking to use the Super Bowl as a way amplify the brand’s ongoing water conservation message. The Super Bowl spot will be the primary TV exposure for the “Save Water” campaign with an online component. To engage its audience further, Colgate will also launch a landing page in conjunction with the ad giving viewers, fans and followers with more information on the impact of water conservation. We love the cohesive strategy for this ad, even the timing of the commercial which will air at the two-minute warning in the second-half of the game, around the time viewers are likely getting ready for bed and Colgate’s hope, brushing their teeth.

With a position and offering that is firm and already knowing who their loyal customer is, Colgate has aligned itself with a cause that emotionally connects and resonates with a younger audience driving fresh engagement, potentially getting new eyes on the brand. We’re curious to see more of the conversation on this ad. Colgate’s core promise hasn’t changed but leveraging a trending topic that their customer might have an affinity for could be a game changer. Many in the ad world are skeptical, however, as this isn’t Colgate’s first pass at “Save Water” messaging, but the brand’s hope is that the Super Bowl is the biggest way possible to air their story. We’ll be watching and listening in real time for the reaction.

“Experience the New Buick”

We recently published a blog about Buick’s journey over the years to maintain its relevance in an ever changing consumer market. Buick’s first-ever Super Bowl ad will bring the brand’s award-winning “Experience the New Buick” campaign to the biggest night in advertising. The campaign launched in 2014 and challenges consumers’ false perceptions of the legendary brand. This is a big year for Buick, launching three new models in 2016.

“With sales surpassing 1.2 million vehicles globally for the first time ever in 2015, the Buick brand has never been stronger,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president, Global Buick Sales, Service, and Marketing. “Super Bowl 50 represents a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our newest vehicles in a spot that delivers a mix of light-hearted humor and star-power to a global audience of millions of consumers.”

The ad stars New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., and model/actress Emily Ratajkowski. For Buick, Odell Beckham Jr. represents a unique talent and commitment to excellence that mirrors Buick’s commitment to performance. Emily Ratajkowski brings style which Buick says, aligns with the design and spirit of the Cascada – newly release a vehicle featured in the ad. The excitement of this pair and the first Buick convertible in 25 years is sure to drive conversation. We’ll definitely be watching and listening in real time for the reaction to the full ad airing this Sunday.

Photo Credit: Buick

Photo Credit: Buick

“Meet The Marmot”

I can’t speak for everyone here at Wilson, but my inner explorer is most excited to see a Marmot ad during the Super Bowl! Marmot is an outdoor clothing and sporting goods company founded in 1974 as Marmot Mountain Works. Another rookie to the biggest night in TV advertising with high hopes for shifting perceptions, reaching new customers and reintroducing the brand to it’s loyal customer base.

Marmot’s new campaign represents a shift from its historical focus on hard adventure to showcasing the simple joys and benefits of experiencing the outdoors. Much like competitor REI and their recent #OptOutside campaign, Marmot is banking on the trend and growth of adventure, resonating with outdoor enthusiasts, increasing brand awareness and market share among its larger global competitors. The ad also marks the first time the brand has made its eponymous animal a marketing centerpiece. We’re excited to “Meet The Marmot” as well as see the reaction to this ad.


Who Wins?

In a recent study, it was found that 80 percent of ads in the big game actually fail. Research has also concluded that only one in five commercials produced any meaningful movement for the brand on future purchase intent. “Although the audience is large and attentive, most advertisers would attain far higher awareness if they invested their $5 million on a cross-platform campaign that included multiple video exposures and digital banner ads,” the study reads. Colgate, Buick, and Marmot all have one thing in common, a robust cross-channel strategy that is already driving interest and big buzz. With teasers and focus on social platforms to extend the conversation, each of these brands is unlocking The Gate, taking an innovative and forward thinking approach to keeping their content and messaging relevant. Each of these brands understands their customer and that their audience demands that they do.

A brand is mature the minute an audience stops thinking about it. Everyone grows up. Even brands age. And those are the ones we care about. Passionately keeping them alive is our mission. Why? Because they mean something. They have heritage. Character. And often times, a great story waiting to be retold, with a fresh voice. Every brand will plateau. Based on research and experience, we know this does not happen by chance. Our strategic path keeps marketing leadership focused on key areas for brand fortitude and fresh engagement with the most valuable return. Because, really, there are only two paths. Either your brand is thriving, or it’s dying. We are passionate about restoring value and strength to once powerful brands. Headstrong about smart creative that connects, no matter the channel … traditional, digital or experiential. If you’re interested in learning more about The Five Gates and how we help brands stay young and keep leading brands that way, contact us today.

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In the meantime, we’re excited about the big game and monitoring the conversation in real time. We look forward to sharing our insights with our clients and readers!

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