Wednesday Creative Shots, Episode 6

This week we’re doing a head-tilt look at the value of a brand, the power of nostalgia, what caffeine means to different cultures and what it feels like to fly with our own two hands.

Brand Valuation 30X

Collectible items highlight brand value.

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Following the economic logic of the pet rock, check out the branded New York Metro Cards. According to Trendhunter article: “Already sold out in stores and selling for more than 30 times the retail value, Supreme’s custom MetroCards demonstrate the power that brands have to turn everyday items and products into highly sought after collectibles — as was the case with the Supreme-branded bricks.” Yep, bricks.



Take a Left on Memory Lane

What happens when two icons go head-to-head in most vehicle segments? Usually, it becomes a race forward for technology and innovation. Unless that brand’s appeal is nostalgia. In that case, you balance technology with a race to see who can be most authentic to days gone by without stranding riders on the side of the road and vibrating their teeth fillings loose.


Same Language, Different Culture

Same coffee, different message. If you look at the two different twitter accounts for the McDonald’s for the US and UK, you can see an approached divided by more than a common language. It shows a totally different connection and position for the brand: one based on pricing, the other on social conscious.

“Do these differences in McDonald’s social media strategy point to fundamental differences in the culture and values of the two societies? Or is it simply a corner-cutting mechanism on the part of the fast food giant in its home market?”


Dream Big

What’s the perfect vacation for you? Chances are everyone will have a somewhat different answer. That’s a challenge for tourism and one that California answers with an excellent site. There are tons to see here, including original video series, but the site never feels overloaded or busy as it guides site visitors to plan their perfect vacation.

Destination marketing - what's possible, dream big.


The View

Before you invest hundreds of hours building an aircraft, you’ll want to do some research. Zenith Aircraft Company created a virtual-reality experience to help prospective buyers and builders get a feel for the aircraft and factory.    

From Chief Content Officer magazine:

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