Here at Wilson, we love Arby’s. You can catch our team making a run over there a couple times a month. Most importantly, we love Arby’s not for what it could be, but for what it is: a purveyor of juicy, delicious meats. All. The. Meats.

Arby’s CMO, Robert Lynch, understood that those meats are what the company does best. He knew that the world was chockfull of fast-food brands that featured happy folks running around with various types of sandwiches. Lynch understood that what Arby’s needed to find a way to differentiate. His solution? Focus on what makes Arby’s great.

Focus on the meats.

All. The. Meats.

The company’s fresh “We Have the Meats” campaign put the … meat of the marketing matter front and center. The brand wasn’t afraid to poke fun at itself or loop in its audience on the shared jokes, either, like in this spot the brand ran for Pepsi:


Paired with a chain-wide restaurant refurbishment, plugged-in new social voice, and strategic store openings, same-store sales climbed nearly 10% at the company.

Every brand that’s been around for a few years has been faced with the same dilemma that Arby’s was. At some point, the messages that once worked for your brand’s audiences simply don’t resonate anymore. Time moves on. Competitors march in. And if you aren’t careful, your brand gets lost in the sea of sameness.

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