3D Motion Graphics Provide Huge Opportunities

Motion graphics have been around for years, but recent advances in 3D technology provide new and more dynamic creative opportunities according to the crew at Wilson. “It changes the way you think about branding, about marketing, and business altogether,” according to Mark Wilson, 3D Designer and Generalist at Wilson.

“With 3D you can approach and tell the story in an infinite number of ways. And it really lends itself naturally into the expanding worlds of augmented and virtual reality applications,” says Mark. As he explains, it gives creators more flexibility. “With 2D you have to be continuously aware of the platform limitations as you go forward.”

Jason Kimerling, Producer at Wilson, says “I love that you can do anything with 3D. For example, if you initially decide that you want an angle shot, but later want to do a pan around, you can do it without a lot of trouble.” The end result is that you can have final productions that look really interesting and complex compared to 2D. Here is a perfect example of what they mean:

Working in 3D has some inherent advantages over the life of a project and for the brand. “I like working in 3D because you can use it for whatever you want once the base is created—motion graphics, stills, or any kind of digital asset,” says Mark. That helps to create a visual consistency that really serves to build the brand.

You can even blend 3D with live action footage for the ultimate in realism.

“It takes a real combination of skill and technology to pull off work that looks this realistic,” says Brian Wilson, President. “Typically, production capabilities like this are limited to the recognized entertainment hubs like LA. We’re fortunate to have that talent in-house and we’re continuing to develop our already advanced capabilities.”

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