Wilson Bridge, Brian Drew and Devin Meister, directed by Jason Kimerling, discuss aligning marketing tech stacks with brand personality.The Wilson Bridge is a marketing video show that reveals how brands can close the gaps between their brand personality and how it’s perceived by the audience through the evolving technology and platforms that customers use. By marketers, for marketers, our goal is to shine a light on many of the misperceptions that brands have about Customer Engagement Optimization. It is especially geared to help marketers without an army of staff stay relevant with the latest capabilities and compete against the biggest players.

Hosted by Wilson Crew Members, Senior Strategist Brian Drew, and Content Director Devin Meister, they offer a combination of insights and questions yet to be answered.

About the Wilson Bridge

Each episode will be less than 12 minutes (that’s our max according to our man in charge, Jason Kimerling)

Segments May Include:

Episodes will be posted on YouTube, as well as embedded here in the blog, with links to different items mentioned in the show. Subscribe to stay up to date with all of our latest videos. To get you started, here are links to the first three episodes.

Episode 1 – The Next Step for Brands
Episode 2 – Customer Engagement Optimization
Episode 3 – Brand Ignite and Parallel Steps

Do you like to get your marketing information on the go? The Wilson Bridge is also available as a podcast:

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