If you’re not using the same language in a conversation, communication can be difficult if not impossible. Just ask the American just starting to learn the Chinese language. The same applies to business and marketing. In order to speak the same language and use your customer data properly, you have to be able to understand your customer and your brand beyond the data the customer provides. In short, data alone is not your brand’s story and it alone won’t improve your Brand Valuation.


The attributes of your Brand Valuation include:

• Speed of adoption and identification
• Go to market speed
• Brand-powered price control

These three directly impact the value of your brand and its contributions to the value of the company. That’s why a Brand First approach and purpose-driven culture are critical to building an audience and a brand that will last over time. It’s those things that make a difference and are affected by your story. From shoes to soda to smartphones, if you don’t have brand story and a purpose, it’s not going to be magically revealed in data.

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Brand Purpose Matters ebook

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