Veering out of the Marketing Lanes

If marketers aren’t putting their brand first, what are they doing? After much observation and many conversations with marketing and communication professionals around the world, we’ve identified three main areas marketers go to hide:
• Design
• Technology
• Sales

While all of these areas are important to marketers and they should have a working knowledge of these areas, none of them should be their primary focus. More than likely, the marketer has access to other trained professionals to handle these aspects of their business. The role of those professionals is to bring the marketers’ brand and marketing plan, their vision, to life. The marketers need to provide the direction to make that happen. That’s their role and where they should spend their time. For marketers that are hiding outside of their role, here are suggestions for where they should redirect their focus:

Design → Strategic Brand Position:

Instead of the specific details of the creative design, marketers can help move their brand forward by continuously learning more about their audience, solidifying their brand position, and communicating that direction to their team.

Technology → Marketing Operations:

No doubt that technology enables marketers in ways they’ve only dreamed of. But instead of getting caught up in what the technology can do, marketers should concentrate on how they are going use those capabilities for customer engagement optimization.

Sales → Campaign Execution:

Sales are what enable the business to operate. Obviously, that is very important and marketing should support that function in smart, strategic ways. That means listening, then executing campaigns and developing other materials to support the pipeline. Not micro-managing the entire length of the process.

Marketers Front and Center

It’s been said over and over, but it’s a great time to be a marketer. The role has more responsibility and respect than ever before. That’s why it’s imperative that marketers never lose sight of what got them here. Use the tools and resources available to them as they’re intended: to build a strong, lasting, brand.

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