Teradata Analytics Universe (TAU) is, to quote from the website: “a next-generation analytics conference bringing together the most brilliant minds in the Teradata universe — customers, partners, experts, and thought leaders.” Yes, it’s all of that. But it’s also a lot of fun. One event experience that is an attendee favorite is the appearance of David McCreary. A multi-talented comedian-magician-emcee-improv-performer, David has the disarming ability to pull information and humor out of situations and people where you’d least expect it. And he’s a heck of a guy and fun to be around to boot. Check out this short compilation video of the action and follow David on social for more fun.

What Did We Do? Glad You Asked.

To ensure that David’s interactions with attendees and hijinks throughout the conference were captured, Wilson worked directly with the client to coordinate the days’ events, while leaving room for David’s creativity. From scheduling to talent management to behind the scenes coordination and file delivery, the Wilson team got things rolling and executed. The results were 150 quick-hitting video segments to share with the audience at the conference and that the client, partners, and friends could post on their social media networks.

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