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Finding Our Brand


After more than 70 years, this respected company recognized that a modern brand was needed to compete in today’s market. Oneil & Associates, a leader in technical manual publications for Departments of Defense, aerospace, and commercial manufacturers, was faced with a challenge to diversify their portfolio, re-energize interest in the brand, and reset expectations within the industry. No longer was the status quo good enough. Growth was the objective. The leadership team realized it was time to invest in bringing a dynamic and communicative brand forward to drive sales, customer retention, and employer-of-choice status.


The Wilson team worked directly with ONEIL leadership and their Marketing Director to redefine the purpose of ONEIL. Along with a new brand promise, a modernized identity, and a digitally integrated marketing plan the company was repositioned to aggressively march toward business goals: portfolio diversity and balance, growth within existing accounts, and net new clients.

To turn this legacy business around, our team led an extensive discovery process with the ONEIL team. Over the course of several months, we spoke with company leadership, team members, and customers to complete a detailed brand and persona assessment.

With insights in hand, we created a new brand strategy, new positioning and new messaging platforms, a consistent voice, and refreshed design for the brand. This new look and feel defined the core of who ONEIL is and why they are obsessed with making information easier to use, scale, and apply: experts obsessed with making equipment safer to use, easier to maintain, and faster to repair.

Our team created brand guidelines, trade ads, landing pages, an updated website design, email templates, event show materials, and paid social campaigns to globally launch the new brand.


Customers and Employees Immediately Benefit from the Modernized Brand

The modernized brand builds on the company’s deep roots in technology services and solutions and highlights its greatest strength: making complex information easier to understand.

“As a decades-old employee-owned business, we are deeply proud of our company history and find extreme value in the established trust, accountability and high standards we’ve set. Our new brand recognizes those strengths while simultaneously looking toward a future that prioritizes those we work with and those we work for,” said Hernan Olivas, president and chief executive officer for ONEIL. “The brand identity and positioning are the manifestation of how the brand aligns with our business strategy. That’s why this launch is a milestone moment that will shape our culture and positively impact how we engage with customers.”

The new ONEIL brand symbolizes continuous progress and innovation. It includes several updated design elements including a new logo, tagline and website. The design is comprised of elements that convey strong confidence, forward progress and energetic accomplishment. The brightened traditional yellow, bold slate blue and cornerstone design of the new logo convey stability, trust, information and progress in a clean, contemporary and timeless mark.

“This rebrand is much more than a new logo because it represents our evolving corporate perspective,” said Andrea Stamas, director of marketing, brand and communications for ONEIL. “It retains everything important – our values, our relationships and our conviction of purpose – while reshaping how we remain relevant in a changing world, how we view new business possibilities, and how we engage employees in meaningful ways. Our goal is to remain the most trusted source for product support solutions as we move the business forward, and this rebrand skillfully communicates that.”

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