Wilson Advertising turned 18 this year! For many of us, turning 18 marks a major milestone in our lives. We legally become adults and (most of us!) graduate from high school.

At 18, we’re old enough to know what we’re doing… but still young enough to take the risks that lead to exceptional creative and record-smashing results. To honor our own 18-year milestone, we wanted to celebrate the people and the clients who made this possible. Being Wilson, we wanted to do it in a fun and memorable way.

And so, #Wilson18 was born! Our social celebration offered funny, retro-inspired photos of our team as well as a mix of real and surreal “facts” about our histories.

It turns out that the vast majority of our high school photos were the result of creative photoshopping…

But not all of them!

Can you spot the two team photos in the #Wilson18 yearbook that are real?

Click through to visit yearbook!

Reply to us on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter with your guesses. The winners will receive a round of applause from the Wilson team… and an invite to our 18th birthday bash on March 22 at our offices in Miamisburg, Ohio! Up to 10 winners will be chosen. Up to two guesses per person. Winners will be announced Tuesday, March 20th, at noon EST. Get those Photoshop-spotting skills ready…

Thanks for taking this journey with us over the last 18 years!